SHINZUI 8 Inch 67 Layer Damascus Chef Knife

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This 8 inch Chef (Gyuto) knife is appropriately named "SHINZUI" to encompass it's total composition. It's the Japanese meaning for core, strength and essence. From the blade it highlights the super strong and durable VG10 "core" having super "strength" and to the look and "essence" in the form and functional design of this 8" Japanese chef knife to give you ultimate performance in your kitchen!

This new SHINZUI Series Chef knife was designed for precise slicing through all types of food product with our newly developed Japanese Super Steel blade. Crafted with our Patented design providing ultimate comfort and grip, abbreviated bolster blend into the VG10 Japanese Super Steel Core blade for durability. The Japanese VG10 Steel is known for long lasting sharpness & extreme durability in the kitchen. The Japanese blade has 33 layers of stain resistant steel per side for a beautiful one of a kind Damascus pattern on each knife & a hard VG10 core hardened to 60 HRC for extra long razor sharp edge life.

A Precision razor sharp 15 degree beveled cutting edge per side, provides precise Samurai Sword like cuts through the toughest of vegetables, fruit, red meat, poultry, pork and fish. Add the SHINZUI Chef knife to your kitchen collection and start enjoying your meal preparation today. Our superior materials and attention to detail compares to other high quality damascus blades costing well over $250.

Brand: Ergo
Blade Length 8
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