Leatherman Tool - Pocket Survival Tool with Leather Case

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This is the original LEATHERMAN® that started the pliers-based multi-tool phenomenon and is still the best-selling product of its kind. It's a compact toolchest you can hold in your hand, yet it packs a dozen essential tools in one.

The PST™ weighs just five ounces and is made in the USA of 100% stainless steel. Each individual component is treated to achieve the optimum grade hardness for its use. For the highest quality and the best value, choose the LEATHERMAN® PST™.

Brand: Leatherman
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The Leatherman Multi-Tool was actually invented by an Oregonian traveling Europe by bicycle. Leatherman decided that what he needed was multipurpose tool he could carry that would be lightweight and versatile. Thus was born the multi-tool which in the beginning was basically a plier with a number of blades and tools in the handle. Sure, there have been plenty of copycats but we consider the original Leatherman line to be the best in the business. Whether you want a high tech liner locking tool like the Wave or colorful pocket models like the Juice, you will always find the same high level of quality both in design and manufacture. All Leatherman tools are made in the U.S.

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