Gerber Knives - Multi-Plier 700 Urban Legend

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Gerber's newest multi-function tool, the Urban Legend®, balances compact size with full function performance, giving you everything you want in a multi-tool. Real wire cutters, quick access to the components, spring-loaded pliers, and a secure comfortable grip, are just a few of the features the new Multi-Plier 700 Urban Legend® brings together in a compact multi-function tool.

Continuing the tradition of innovation, the Urban Legend® has replaceable tungsten carbide wire cutter inserts. Much harder than any stainless steel, these inserts will cut through #2 hard carbon steel fishhooks, 1/16" piano wire, and 278lb stainless steel offshore fishing leader. In the event of damage, the triangular cutter inserts can be rotated to a new edge with a Torx® head wrench. Replacement inserts are available.

When quick access to the components is a necessity, the Urban Legend® has no equal. All components can be used without opening the tool, solidly locking into place once rotated out for use. To unlock, simply slide the release button back, and close the tool. All tools have independent rotation, so only one component comes out at a time. This is safer and more convenient than having to sort through the entire tool set.

The Multi-Plier 700 Urban Legend® has a knife blade, scissors, Phillips® screwdriver, small, medium, and large screwdriver, bottle opener, and tweezers. The large knife blade can be opened with one hand. The spring-loaded FISKARS® scissors are the best scissors found on any multi-tool, being able to cut all braided fishing lines, hemmed denim, Cordura®, and leather.

Urban Legend® is the most comfortable multi-function tool to use. The unique handle design has broad, smooth surfaces for the hand to grip when using the pliers. When unfolded for use, the spring-loaded pliers open to fit your hand. The Multi-Plier® 700 Urban Legend® also has a 3M Gator TEX rubber insert on each side. These provide a cushioned, more secure grip on the tool. These inserts are an industry first. The handles are produced with Gerber's E-coat, an attractive, durable surface finish that has both aesthetic and ergonomic appeal.

Brand: Gerber

In 1939 Joseph Gerber hired a local knife maker to build 25 sets of kitchen cutlery to be given as Christmas gifts. The knives were so popular that Joseph Gerber left his advertising agency to start Gerber Legendary Blades®. The unique style and high quality manufacturing of Gerber cutlery soon developed wide spread acclaim. In fact, Gerber Legendary Blades are the only cutlery on display in New York�?s famous Museum of Modern Art.

From very early on, Gerber collaborated with top knife designers, setting a standard of quality for everyone else to follow. Renowned designers such as Al Mar, Bob Loveless, Paul Poehlmann, "Blackie" Collins, William Harsey Jr. and Ernest Emerson have all designed knives for Gerber. In 2002 this tradition continued as Gerber released the Silver Trident�?, designed by Chief James "Patches" Watson (U.S.N. Ret.) and Bill Harsey Jr.

Today, Gerber continues to design and manufacture unique, high quality outdoor recreation products. In 2003 we are proud to introduce the next generation of multi-tools: the Recoil�? Auto-Plier. By constantly utilizing new technology and innovative design to develop new products, Gerber continues to be an industry leader.

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