Krause Publications - 2004 Sporting Knives

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Production knife manufacturers innovate to maintain their edge in a competitive marketplace and this annual reference is the only place to find their latest innovations. It also provides a complete selection of currently available knives, knife gear, and knife accessories that workingmen and women carry or use on a daily basis. Knife listings cover every factory and semi-production knife in existence. A host of stories delve into today's hot topics, including how knives work, why they work, what features are attractive to knife buyers, which steels work and why, and how the handles, guards, frames, and tangs hold up.

A to Z coverage of every hot knife style

Field reports from the 2003 S.H.O.T. Show

Brand: Krause Publications

Krause Publications is the world's largest publisher of periodicals and books on hobbies. We cover antiques; arts & crafts; baseball cards and other sports memorabilia; records; comic books; coins and paper money; stamps; toys; firearms; knives; and old cars. We also have an outdoors division that publishes hunting and fishing magazines, and a trade division that publishes three magazines for the rural construction trade. In total, we publish 40+ periodicals covering 14 interest areas.

Krause Publications also has a book division that publishes over 125 titles annually in the fields listed above and currently has 750 titles available.

Krause offers collectors an online alternative to satisfy their hobby needs at Visitors will find editorial content and special offers tailored to their personal preferences. Books, show tickets, complete issues of our publications, display and classified ads, dealer directories, and forums are available to Internet users at

The company employs more than 400 people, most of whom are full time. Our skilled labor comes from the immediate area -- Iola and surrounding communities. Many are graduates of technical colleges. Their skills are sometimes enhanced by in-house training for applications and equipment specific to our business. Our professional labor comes mostly from Wisconsin and bordering states, but our recruiting often takes on a national scope to bring the specialized skills necessary for a particular hobby area.

Krause Publications' current building was constructed in 1975 and has been expanded five times since then. Our facilities also include two Support Services buildings, located one mile east of Iola on State Highway 161.

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