Quad Sickle by Tom Anderson Knives

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The weapon of the future! Tom Anderson has once again proven his designs are ahead of our time! This fine piece is a huge 39 inches!! The QUAD SICKLE features a pear blade at the top and a spike point in the bottom. A ribbed hard rubber grip makes handling a joy. This weapon has a hidden bonus intended for thrills. Pump the large central column and get a surprise: four stainless steel retractable blades quickly deploy with the clean sound of metal sliding against metal. This one sounds like a shotgun pumping!

This is a heavy beast of a weapon too and very comfortable to hold. All metal construction this is made from quality steel. The rubber molded grip is 12.5 inches with a metal pointed tip on its bottom. The central steel shaft is textured and acts with a pump action to reveal the four retractable blades on the sides. Each side blade is 3.5 inches long and sharp. The whole weapon is topped by a flat-edged pear blade measuring 7.25 inches with a sharpened point. The overall weight is 3 lbs.

Brand: Trademark Knives
Trademark Knives
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