43 Inch Katana with Two Stainless Steel Blades & Wood Scabbard

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Katana w/ Hidden Wakizashi

440 stainless steel blade with wood handle and scabbard. Natural finish.

This is one of the finest quality katana/wakizashi combos on the market. Each sword seamlessly fits into its counterpart appearing to be one piece of wood when all parts are together. And the fit is very snug. Nothing will slip out but taking out a sword requires little effort.

The wood is sanded smooth with a clear stain finish giving it a natural look while protecting it at the same time.

Many reproduction katana blades are made with regular steel but this one is 440 stainless steel. No rust no worries. Japanese writing is on the lower end of the large blade giving this piece an extra touch of authenticity. This is a katana that will add beauty and craftsmanship to any sword collection.

  • 37" overall katana
  • 27 1/2" blade with Japanese inscriptions
  • 28" overall Wakizashi
Brand: Trademark Knives
Trademark Knives
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