Lot of 4 Swords - SPECIAL

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This sale consists of a lot of 4 Swords that have an overall length between 24 to 56 inches! The 4 swords you will receive will be randomly selected and will be like the ones pictured or of similar stature. (claymores fantasy japaneses words...etc.) You will get 4 different swords. (You will not receive two of the same item.) You will get a combination of ANY of the swords we carry. There is no guarantee the brand or kind you will receive.


"These Swords were not sold because they did not get past our highly scrutinizing team of inspectors who only ship the finest quality merchandise to our customers."

These swords are brand new but may have slight imperfections such as a small nick scratch dent or something that would prevent it from passing inspection. THEY ARE HIGH QUALITY COLLECTOR SWORDS.

You are guaranteed that all 4 swords will be 24-56 inches long.

Brand: Trademark Knives
Trademark Knives
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