Musashi SS192BK Sword, Dulled Edge with Sword Bag

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~Carbon steel blade with Bo-Hi

~Saya black Mat finish

~Tsuba is musashi style, iron with iron fittings

~Dulled Edge

~Sword bag included

~Overall length: 40-1/2"

~Blade length: 29-1/4"

~Handle length: 10-1/2"

  • ~Black wrap with white faux ray skin
Brand: Musashi
Catalog Number: 313951
Knife Type Fixed Blade
vendor_description By cultivating the work of Asia's finest artisans, including the acclaimed Chinese sword smith, Chris Zhou, Musashi has built up a brand that is known for its consistent quality and affordability. Their swords are perfect for putting on display and are also suitable for light-to-heavy duty cutting, depending on your model. Fans of the hit action film "Kill Bill" will also be thrilled to find faithful replicas of the film's swords in our catalog as well. Is this your first sword purchase? Our customer service team are ready and waiting to offer their sword-buying wisdom with you'just give us a call or email!
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