Bat'leth Star Trek Sword Of Kahless

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Warp speed sir, and bring me my alien sword - the most honorable weapon. This massive 47 inch alien weapon is straight out of your favorite sci-fi series and movie, Star Trek. It doesn't get any more realistic than this with the all one piece stainless construction and padded leather-wrapped grips. It isn't factory sharpened, but can be brought to an edge with ease. The bat'leth is a curved blade with spiked protrusions and handholds along the middle of the blade's back. In battle, the handholds are used to twirl and spin the blade rapidly. This start your Star Trek collection today and get this sword while supply last.


  • Overall length: 47.25 Inches
  • Width: 11 inches
  • Handle material: Wrapped Leather
  • Sword Material: One Piece Stainless Steel Construction
Brand: Knife Depot
Catalog Number: 490605