Swiss Army Knives by Victorinox

Victorinox Swiss Army WorkChamp
Victorinox Swiss Army WorkChamp

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Available units:8
Victorinox GolfTool, Ruby Translucent


Available units:14
Victorinox New Replacement Parts Kit


Available units:37
Victorinox Adventurer Red


Available units:6
Victorinox Classic SD-Ruby


Available units:29

When it comes to classic Swiss knives, Victorinox is the name you can trust. In fact, a Victorinox Swiss knife is so versatile, it might be the only tool you need. These compact pocket knives and multi-tools are so useful they should be called all-purpose tools. Whether you need to open an envelope or uncork a bottle of vintage wine, you'll find just the implement you need, all folded into a compact package. Knife Depot is proud to carry a large selection of Victorinox knives and multi-purpose tools, so finding exactly what you want is quick and easy. Don't settle for anything less than the best. Choose a Victorinox Swiss knife from Knife Depot.