Knife Depot Redi-Edge Sharpener, 20 Degree Angle, Bottle Opener
Knife Depot Redi-Edge Sharpener, 20 Degree Angle, Bottle Opener
Knife Depot Redi-Edge Sharpener, 20 Degree Angle, Bottle Opener
Knife Depot Redi-Edge Sharpener, 20 Degree Angle, Bottle Opener

Knife Depot Redi-Edge Sharpener, 40 Degree Angle, Bottle Opener

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Get ready for the crossover event of the year: Knife Depot x Redi-Edge.

We teamed up with the good folks over at Redi-Edge to bring you the ultimate knife-sharpening accessory. Based on Redi-Edge's best-selling pocket sharpener, this Knife Depot branded sharpener features a 40 degree inclusive angle to maintain a consistent 20 degree edge on your knives.

Why settle for dull blades when you can effortlessly keep your knives razor-sharp? Say goodbye to frustration and hello to precision cutting. With the Knife Depot Redi-Edge Sharpener, you can easily restore and maintain the sharpness of your blades with just a few swipes.

Designed with convenience in mind, this sharpener can be attached to your keys or slipped into your pocket. Wherever you go, rest assured that you'll never lose your edge again. It's compact, lightweight, and ready to go whenever you are.

Not only does this sharpener keep your blades sharp, but it also features a built-in bottle opener. So whether you're tackling kitchen tasks or opening a refreshing beverage, this sharpener has got you covered.

Brand: Redi Edge Sharpeners
Brand Redi-Edge
Model Knife Depot Redi-Edge Sharpener
Country of Origin USA
Handle Color Orange
Knife Type Sharpener

Redi-Edge has a long-standing history in the knife sharpening industry. The company has earned a strong reputation for manufacturing high-quality sharpeners that are easy to use, making them accessible to both professional chefs and home cooks.

The Redi-Edge Sharpener has been available since 1994 and has brought countless dull knives back to razor-sharp over the past three decades. The Redi-Edge Original Sharpener remains a popular choice for beginners and experts. These compact and portable sharpeners are designed for quick touch-ups, making them convenient for chefs working in busy kitchens.

With a history spanning several decades, Redi-Edge continues to be a trusted name in the knife-sharpening industry. The brand's dedication to providing efficient and user-friendly sharpening solutions has solidified its reputation among culinary professionals and knife enthusiasts.

Customer Reviews

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jack stjohn
Knife Depot Redi-Edge Sharpener, 40 Degree Angle

God I love this thing!!!

Talk about SHARP in a few strokes . . .

Ive been trying to find the best pocket sharpener for decades. Im 70. And have a quite a few . . . but this little gem is it. I have an edc Spyderco I just couldnt keep sharp until I bought this sharpener - im going to have to get a few more. $20 bucks?.. SHARP knife? comon'


Quality simple design. Compact enough to fit in a shirt pocket and works well.

a great pocket tool cleaning out an elk

I have had another pocket type knife sharpener like this one with ceramic rods instead of these carbide ones. This one from knife depot it good for knocking off the burrs due to heavy use but not so much polishing off a already sharp knife. Still a solid 5 though for this knife depot branded
redi-edge pocket sharpener.

Kip M Kuni
Great add on to my knife purchase

Thankfully this thing showed up right alongside the knife I had purchased. On my first day owning the knife I was tasked with covering some garden beds with weed-prevention cloth. At first, my blade sliced right through them but after a few run-ins with the brick surrounding the garden, it dulled rapidly. I was happy to have this little pocket sharpener with me and after just a few quick pulls through the Knife Depot sharpener, my tool was back and ready for action.