Sharpening Rods

Victorinox Sharpening Steel


Available units:47
Lansky Sharpeners Sharp Stick Steel, Tapered, 13 in.
Spyderco Ceramic File Round - Fine Grit - 400F1R
Spyderco Ceramic File Round - Fine Grit - 400F1R

$14.70 $21.00

Available units:2
Lansky Sharpeners The Tactical


Available units:4
Lansky 4-Rod Turn Box Ceramic Knife Sharpener - LCD5D
Gatco Honing Guide Rod 5 Pack


Available units:13

Buff up your blade to its maximum sharpness with our sharpening rod collection. We carry a wide variety of sharpening steel rods made of diamond, the hardest known sharpening material in the world. Our sharpening rods are specially-designed for a host of different knives and can even be used to sharpen those difficult serrated blades. They also come in numerous shapes and sizes and are easily transportable, so you can sharpen your knife on the go.

Every sharpening rod is backed by our money-back guarantee and responsive customer service, so you're confident you'll never lose your edge.