Mtech Knives

MTech USA MT-20-14GY Neck Knife


Available units:4
MTech USA MT-588DG Neck Knife


Available units:1
MTech Assisted 4.0 in Blade Aluminum Hndl M-A1052BK

Brought to you by Master Cutlery, MTech is a compact tactical knife line that is great for newbies to the wild world of survival knives. Master Cutlery is known for their fantasy knives, and they bring a similar design outlook to their intimidating tactical knives. Their switchblades, butterfly knives, folding knives and fixed blade knives are all affordable, yet come with the same quality guarantee as the rest of Master Cutlery's well-established catalog. Every MTech knife that you purchase through Knife Depot comes complete with our 100% money-back guarantee, which will cover you for the first 60 days after your purchase.