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Smith & Wesson HRT Boot Knife w/Leather Sheath - SWHRT9B
Schrade SCHF21 One-Piece Drop Forged Boot Knife
Schrade SCHF21 One-Piece Drop Forged Boot Knife

$69.99 $109.99

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Schrade Old Timer 162OT Boot Knife with Delrin Handle
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One of the most functional of weapons is the boot knife. Standard issue for law enforcement officers, a boot knife makes an excellent weapon for backup. Choose from traditional blades of five to nine inches or mini-blades of three to four and a half inches and you'll find yourself with a boot knife that's excellent for sport, work, or utility. Popular brands include Kershaw, Gerber, Smith & Wesson and Cold Steel Boot Knives.

With a double edge and ease of use, there's little wonder why Rambo himself strapped on a boot knife for his battles in First Blood II. Whether you choose a replica of Stallone's weapon of choice or opt for a professional-grade Pentagon or Boker, Knife Depot ensures your satisfaction with our 60-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If you don't like the boot knife you purchased, you get a refund.

By Steven S.
SOG Specialty Knives Mini Pentagon

This knife is amazing. When I first held it I was immediately struck by how good it felt in my hand. I am not surprised though because every knife I've purchased from the Knife Depot far exceeded my expectations. This knife is perfect for boot carry or in any other way now that I think about it. My only "negative" comment would be that the sheath which comes with this knife is a bit to be desired. But, it's just my preference. You may love it. I would prefer a leather sheath. But, this doesn't at all affect the five stars I gave this knife. This is a very high quality knife. Period.

By The C.
Schrade Old Timer 162OT Boot Knife with Delrin Handle

For the price paid, this is an excellent knife. Since this knife is a "dagger-type" blade (spear-point), The blade has a narrow scope of application. The 7Cr17MoV steel takes a good edge (as does Schrade's "Sharpfinger" skinning knife). This knife can be used for some hunting applications, but without the curved blade similar to that of the Sharpfinger and other knives made by Schrade, it limits the knife's uses. I like this knife and will be seeking a sheath that will conceal the knife either down my back (behind the neck) or a horizontal belt carry. Discretion, being the better part of valor, is the very essence of keeping this knife a "secret" until it is absolutely necessary to deploy it.

By Cathy Jo M.
Engraved Smith & Wesson H.R.T. Coated Boot Knife with Leather Sheath

This knife was a gift for my son. He loves it! Sharp and sharp looking. The engraving of his initials was a nice touch. Happy with my purchase.

By Elizabeth B.
United Cutlery Tactical Commander Boot Knife Black Boot Sheath

I bought this knife as a hunting backup, to keep in my boot. It fits the need. The knife is sharp, strong, well-balanced. I couldn't find a single flaw. It's the perfect length for my boot. It's easy to hold, even if my hands are wet. The sheath comes with a strap that snaps around the knife and a clip that I can clip onto my boot. I found that clipping the knife to the outside of my boot caused the knife to catch on brush and the knife would pop off the boot so I ended up clipping the knife on the inside of the boot. That worked out a lot better, but the snap strap was hard to unsnap that way so I leave the strap unsnapped. The knife still stays securely seated in my boot. This is a good, no frills, non-silly, working knife that I would recommend to anybody.

By Ed V.
SOG Pentagon Tactical Knife

This knife is very sharp and functional in design. We actually used the knife in a dangerous situation with one of our horses and it cut the rope one stoke. On the downside you need to be very careful as when my wife was removing it in the stressful situation she accidentally cut herself on the thumb (minor only needed a band aid). As to size it fits in her boot very nicely on mine the sheath is a little thick with the extra pocket so I have been looking for another sheat or thinking about cutting off the extra material to make it thinner. Overall horse people are all over the board on whats best to carry while riding but this one did the job when the time came to use it in an emergency situation.

By David C.
Renegade Tactical Steel M1OPS Boot Knife Fire Strike, RT165

Great knife. I prefer a knife with a blade like this one has. Not to long and not to short.

By Chris W.
Renegade Tactical Steel M1OPS Boot Knife Fire Strike, RT165

Good looking knife. Nice balance. The tip of the blade is ground uneven, but easily fixed when sharpening. The serrated part of the blade is very sharp but the rest will need a real edge put on. Would make a great gift if properly sharpened first. Nice sheath and has a small round sharpener for MINOR field sharpening.

By Richard H.
Smith & Wesson H.R.T. Coated Boot Knife with Leather Sheath

Order was processed quickly and arrived in perfect condition. HRT knife was as advertised. I have not used it for anything, as yet. It may become a gift. It certainly is a value for the money. (As usual for S&W; products.)

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