By Kostantin K.
Buck Knives Silver Creek Folding Fillet Knife with Blue Poly Handle, Plain

Great knife. It locks solid in the open position. I am not into folders, but I wanted a fillet knife, and this one looks and feels great.

By Oleg P.
Silver Stag Alaskan Fillet

I love the knife. .little bit pricey but it is worth it

By Mark S.
Schrade Uncle Henry 167UH 12" Steelhead Fillet Knife

Great knife

By Jim P.
Schrade Uncle Henry 167UH 12" Steelhead Fillet Knife

Very thin and flexible filet trout with ease

By Markus I.
Fallkniven F2 Fisherman's Fillet Knife

This is a simple yet incredibly high quality knife. One of the best knives you can buy from the best knife company in the world. Fallkniven of Sweden. Why? Because this knife presents as something that is very rarely offered in its class. It is over-engineered with the strength and philosophy of an outdoors knife, but with the practical and effortless slicing performance of a kitchen knife! So is summary its practical, strong and extremely light. What many people don't know is because the blade is laminated and has a convex edge it is the strongest knife for its footprint in the world. This means it can be used not just as a fishing knife, but also as a serious boning knife on more heavier duty game like beef carcasses. The VG10 steel can easily be made scary sharp. I have used it on a ranch to section beef carcasses and it 'lasers' through them. You can even use it in the kitchen when its not out fishing, hunting or processing meat on an industrial scale. And for those interested in a tactical kitchen knife they don't get much better than the Fallkniven F2z. If your interests meet these priorities and purposes this knife in highly recommended.

By Mike S.
SOG Knives Fillet Knife Black Non-Stick

Excellent product and now that I have field tested it, it is as good as the ad I filleted and skinned 11 fish and never had to put it on the steel once.

By Tom T.
Mora Knives Mora Fishing Comfort File 155

I was shopping for a narrow tipped shorter knife that had was plenty limber for filleting panfish, this one was my second choice, to a Buck brand, only because the handle didn't fit my large hand and it seemed cheaper that the buck.

By Eid A.
Schrade Uncle Henry 167UH 12" Steelhead Fillet Knife

Excellent and very sharp knife