Akame Ga Kill Sheele Sword Cutter of Creation Extase Giant Sciss

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Akame Ga Kill Sheele Sword Cutter of Creation Extase Giant Scissors Replica, Sheele was an important member of the infamous Night Raid group who possessed a powerful Teigu know as Cutter of Creation: Extase (Banbutsu Ryōdan: Ekusutasu). This Imperial Arms weapon was made 400 years prior and is capable of snipping or cutting through anything in physical creation, but had a powerful secondary attack. Cutter of Creation: Extase could also produce a very bright and blinding light that would confuse enemies and Sheele used this power to aid her comrades during a battle. This replica of Sheeles giant scissors is made of carbon steel and has a full tang. It is also sharpened, so it might work well to your favor for the unexpected chopping of your targets. The nylon cord wrapped handle is surprisingly easy to grasp and control and provides protection a bit like a rapier.Specifications Sharpness & Functionality: Sharp, Full Tang, Replica Tang: Full Tang, Solid w Blade Handle Length: 8 Inches Handle: Steel Tang, Nylon Cord Wrapped, Black, Shrouded Includes: Free Faux Leather Carry Sheath w Shoulder Strap Overall Length: 30.125 Inches Blade Length: 22.375 Inches Blade Material: Carbon Steel Blade Thickness: 3.7mm

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