Fate Stay Night Anime Shirou Emiya Sword Set Archer Type Moon Co

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Fate Stay Night Anime Shirou Emiya Sword Set Archer Type Moon Codes Ripped Set Archer class is one of the 7 normal servants classes in the ritual, and one of the 3 knights classes, Knight of the Bow. Archer carries with him this one handed butterfly war blade, particularly effective for blocking and defensive sword fights. Dual wielded along with another similar sword by a main character, this replica is 25 inches long and has a carbon steel blade with half tang. It is built for Cosplay and form with an unsharpened blade that can be carried with peace tie. Keep the steel oiled when not in use. Featured right over the iridescent black quenched blade is the red painted hex pattern and the white painted design. Looking upon this blade is like an eye-gasm, it is so full of style and character. Also, the wooden and fiberglass handle is painted a perfect metallic silver color. Guard and pommel both solid aluminum. Specifications Both sword is 25"overall Blade Length 18" Inches Handle Length 6.5 Inches Handle: Wooden Fiberglass Grip, Silver Painted

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