Valiant Armoury Rhinelander Sword with Sheath

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Rhinelander Sword: Originating in Germany, this stylish S-curve guard found use all through out Europe in the 15th century. Single hand swords of this length were invaluable to the mounted soldier, granting him the length needed to swipe down doom from above while seated atop the massive war horses of the time. Our diamond cross-section 37-inch blade is beautifully balanced by the solid steel wheel pommel and S-curve guard, offering the swiftness needed in the heated chaos of the battle field. (Leather Scabbard Included)

~Overall Length: 45"

~Blade Length: 37"

~Handle Length: 7.5"

~Cross Guard: 9"

~Blade Material: Hand hammer forged carbon steel

~Handle Material: Macassar Ebony

~Weight: 4 lbs. 12 oz.

~Sheath Included: Genuine leather wrapped sheath.


Brand: Valiant Armoury
Catalog Number: 312654
Valiant Armoury
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