Tool Logic Business Card Charcoal w/ Wallet

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Weighing less than one ounce and about 1/8" thick, the T1 Business Card is packed with useful features. It's the perfect companion both on or off road. Slip it in a pocket or purse and you'll always be prepared for life's everyday adventures. This supple, slim leather wallet is designed to hold a driver's license and several credit cards, plus a T1 multi-tool. It instantly converts your Business Card or Tech Light into a money clip.

~Ultra Slim and Light

~ PrecisionScissors

~ Sewing Needle

~Letter Opener

~Micro Screwdrivers

~Nail File & Cuticle Tool

~Tweezer & Toothpick

~ Inch/Cm Rulers

~Ball Point Pen

  • ~Removeable Clip
Brand: Tool Logic
Catalog Number: 320599
Tool Logic
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Tool Logic began in early 1994, literally with a dream. This flash of inspiration was to combine all the useful functions of a Swiss army-type knife into a very convenient credit card shape. A card so slim that it would actually fit into a wallet. The idea was simple, elegant and best of all, it worked!

In January 1995, we introduced the original Credit Card Companion and it became an immediate success. It was easy to carry and a joy to use. People responded to the innovative design and the practical value of having a formidable set of tools in a slim credit card shape.

Now, Tool Logic has an entire line of compact multi-tools. Like the Credit Card Companion, some are designed for everyday use. Others are made specifically for golf, entertaining or business. The new SL Series offers an integrated, modular approach to survival/rescue. All of these premium multi-tools need to be handled in person to be fully appreciated for their quality, practicality and ingenuity.

They are all precision engineered and extremely tough for their size and you will find that each component is crafted to be genuinely useful when needed. In every case it has been our goal to pack our tools with as much utility and value as possible. That's why we say they're Built For Life. When you have the opportunity we encourage you to experience Tool Logic for yourself.

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