Paragon Knives by Asheville Steel Warlock Double Edge Knife

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The Warlock from Paragon Knives by Asheville Steel is a knife like no other. This premium folder is a cross between an automatic knife and an assisted opener. To engage the knife, press the pivot on both sides. This parts the handle at the seams. Once the handle is open, you whip out the blade with the help of gravity, and the knife is locked into place.

This unique folder features a 4-inch, double-edged blade made from S30V steel with a black coat. The handle is black aluminum.

The Warlock is made in the United States.

Brand: Paragon Knives

Paragon Knives by Asheville Steel has a strong tradition among those familiar with automatic blades and quality steel. Based in Asheville, North Carolina � Paragon produces some of the finest knives that anyone can purchase today. The blend of traditional technology, including new advancements in steel fabrication, allows the company to provide some of the most excellently designed blades on the planet.

Most of our knives are made in Asheville or by local Carolina craftsmen. The area has a long standing history of cutlery, smelting and black smithing that stretches back into the late 1700�s when the lands here were first settled by Scotch-Irish and Anglican pioneers. Area art colleges and trade schools extended the craft into the current era. Paragon Knives has a long history in this area.

There are several types of our knives that are produced overseas, but none are cheap Chinese knock offs. Several lines of our knives are made in Japan by blade makers that also design traditional Japanese katanas and short bladed tantos.

Paragon is still owned and operated by a local family from the Asheville area. Robert Anderson, a native of the area, acquired Paragon from it�s founder and helped to expand it�s offerings. The Anderson family continues the region�s fine legacy of well made, durable and also beautiful blades.

When you purchase a Paragon, you are buying one of the best knives on the planet.

We provide excellence by design in everything that we do.

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