Cold Steel Pistol Grip Sword Cane, 37.625" Overall - 88SCFAP
Cold Steel Pistol Grip Sword Cane, 37.625" Overall - 88SCFAP
Cold Steel Pistol Grip Sword Cane, 37.625" Overall - 88SCFAP

Cold Steel Pistol Grip Sword Cane, 37.625" Overall - 88SCFAP

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The Cold Steel Pistol Grip Sword Cane is the ultimate combination of style, functionality, and self-defense. With its sleek design and removable highly polished aluminum head, this cane closely resembles our popular City Stick.

What sets this cane apart is its tough fiberglass carbon fiber composite shaft, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly durable. It can be used as an effective self-defense tool in its own right, providing you with added peace of mind.

The light and fast blade of the pistol grip sword cane is a force to be reckoned with. Featuring a tapered square cross section with a sharp point, it is made from high-quality carbon steel (1055). This ensures exceptional strength and longevity, making it the perfect companion for your self-defense needs.

The finely crafted solid aluminum head adds to the cane's overall balance and ease of use. Compared to traditional sword canes, the pistol grip design makes this one far lighter and better balanced. This means it is easier to carry and enables quick and precise maneuvers when needed.

With a total length of 37.63 inches and a blade length of 25.75 inches, this cane provides you with a formidable reach while maintaining a compact and discreet appearance. It weighs in at just 1.01 pounds, ensuring it won't hinder your mobility.

Whether you're a collector or simply looking to enhance your personal security, the Cold Steel Pistol Grip Sword Cane is a must-have. Its sophisticated design and exceptional functionality make it a versatile tool that complements any occasion. Upgrade your self-defense game today and experience the confidence that comes with owning a high-quality, reliable weapon like the Cold Steel Pistol Grip Sword Cane.

Brand: Cold Steel Knives
Catalog Number: 607013
Brand Cold Steel
Model Pistol Grip Sword Cane
Model Number 88SCFAP
Blade Color Silver
Blade Edge Plain
Blade Length 25.75
Blade Material 1055
Country of Origin Taiwan
Handle Color Silver, Black
Handle Material Aluminum
Knife Weight 22.0
Knife Type Fixed Blade
Point Spear Point
Total Length 37.63

Cold Steel Knives has been a prominent player in the knife industry since its founding in 1980 by Lynn C. Thompson. Based in California, Cold Steel is widely recognized for its innovative designs, quality craftsmanship, and dedication to producing some of the strongest, sharpest knives in the market. The company has gained a loyal following among outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, martial artists, and everyday carry users.

One of Cold Steel's distinctive features is its emphasis on using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. They are known for their wide array of knife types, including folding knives, fixed-blade knives, machetes, swords, and tomahawks. Cold Steel is also renowned for its extensive product testing, often subjecting their knives to extreme conditions to ensure their durability and reliability in real-world scenarios.

Throughout its history and ownership change, Cold Steel has maintained a commitment to producing high-performance knives designed for rugged use. Their blend of innovative designs, quality materials, and rigorous testing processes has made them a trusted choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike, earning Cold Steel Knives a well-deserved reputation in the knife industry.