ESEE Libertariat USA, 9" 1095 Machete Blade, Micarta Handle, Canvas Sheath

ESEE Libertariat USA, 9" 1095 Machete Blade, Micarta Handle, Canvas Sheath
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The latest offering from Expat Knives is the Libertariat designed by John Armstrong as a lightweight tropical survival knife. A lightweight short machete made to carry with you on your hike, coconut gathering or brush clearing adventures without taking up too much space. It also works very well in the kitchen slicing roast beef or large pork shoulders. It is based on the Latin American cacao or coconut knives that are used and abused in food gathering and prep. The Libertariat is now made in the United States.

Brand: ESEE Knives

Randall's Adventure and Training is a recognized leader in Latin American jungle survival training and domestic survival training. Randall's Adventure and Trainingยฎ also produces a quality line of survival gear and field grade cutlery for law enforcement, military applications and outdoor bushcraft under the ESEE brand name. Our knives are made in the USA and backed by a 100 percent 'NO QUESTIONS ASKED' warranty against all use and abuse. Currently, our gear is being used worldwide, including the conflict areas of Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Colombia and numerous places in between.

Randall's Adventure and Training manufactured (and continues to fully guarantee) R.A.T. Cutlery knives (RC-3, RC-4, RC-5, RC-6) built from 2007 until 2010. We have changed the name of our company to ESEE Knives. The only thing that has changed is the name. We now market our knives under the ESEE, Izula, and Junglas brand names. Randall's Adventure and Training does not manufacture or warranty RAT knives built by Ontario Knife Company (RAT-3, RAT-5, RAT-7, RTAK, TAK and Model 1 Folder). These knives are manufactured by Ontario Knife Company even though they were designed by Randall's Adventure and Training.