1918 WWI Trench Knife, 12" Overall, Brass Finish, Knuckle Guard
1918 WWI Trench Knife, 12" Overall, Brass Finish, Knuckle Guard

1918 WWI Trench Knife, 12" Overall, Brass Finish, Knuckle Guard

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The 1918 WWI Trench Knife is a replica of the original trench knife used by the US military during World War I.

This knife has a stainless steel blade with a double edge and a sharp point. The blade is partially blackened to reduce glare and corrosion. The handle is made of brass cast metal and features a knuckle guard. The handle also has the inscription “U.S. 1918” to honor the year that the war ended. The knife comes with a black leather sheath that has a belt loop for easy carrying.

This knife is a historical collectible that can be used for display or reenactment purposes. This knife is a tribute to the brave soldiers who fought in the trenches of WWI and faced many dangers and hardships. It is a reminder of the sacrifices they made for freedom and peace.

Brand: Szco
Brand Szco
Model 1918 WWI Trench Knife
Model Number 210704-BS
Blade Color Silver
Blade Edge Plain
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Handle Color Gold
Knife Type Fixed Blade
Point Spear
Sheath Include Yes
Sheath Material Leather
Total Length 12

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