The Chaos Double Edge by Cold Steel is a contemporary rendition of the iconic trench knife used in the World Wars. This modern combat knife draws inspiration from its historical counterpart while boasting enhanced features for today's warriors.

Crafted with a formidable 7.5-inch carbon steel blade, the Chaos Double Edge delivers exceptional strength and durability. Its distinctive hand guard, constructed from reinforced 6061 aluminum, provides optimal protection and stability during intense combat situations.

Similar to the traditional trench knife, the Chaos Double Edge incorporates a knuckle guard, safeguarding your fingers and preventing accidental slippage. However, this blade sets itself apart with a cutting-edge enhancement: a black Tuff-Ex coating. This special coating not only bolsters the knife's resistance to corrosion but also amplifies its cutting power.

Completing the package is the Chaos Double Edge's ferocious carbon steel pommel, expertly tapered to inflict additional damage when necessary. This knife exudes an aura of intimidation that no one would dare challenge.

Included with the Chaos Double Edge is a Secure-Ex sheath, ensuring convenient and secure storage. With its modern design and enhanced features, this knife stands as a testament to the evolution of combat weaponry.

Gear up with the Chaos Double Edge and equip yourself with a cutting-edge tool that pays homage to history while empowering the modern warrior.

Brand: Cold Steel Knives
Catalog Number: 441290
Brand Cold Steel
Model Chaos
Model Number 80NTP
Blade Color Black
Blade Edge Plain
Blade Length 7.5
Blade Material SK-5
Handle Color Black
Handle Material Aluminum
Knife Weight 17.0
Knife Type Fixed Blade
Point Spear
Sheath Include Yes
Sheath Included Yes
Sheath Material Secure-Ex
Total Length 13.5

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