Trailing Point Blades

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Advantages of the Trailing Point
  • Large belly is perfect for slicing or skinning
  • High point is out of the way
Disadvantages of the Trailing Point
  • Weak point

Trailing Point Blade Images

trailing point blade

A trailing point knife is a lightweight knife that has a back edge that curves upward. The "trailing point" is named for the point which trails higher than the generalized axis of the spine of the knife blade.

Trailing point blades provide a large curved cutting area ("belly") and are optimized for slicing or skinning. They offer the sharpest point for fine, delicate, and small work, such as skinning and caping game or fish. The blade is drawn toward the knife user in a sweeping motion, cleanly separating the skin from the game or fish. They are most common on skinning and fillet knives.

There are several disadvantages to trailing point blades, with the main one being its weak point. Because it is designed for fine delicate work, it will easily bend or break if used on tougher materials. They are also difficult to place in knife sheathes because the tip has to be carefully guided and rolled into the sheath.

The large "belly" is the primary feature of this knife -- hunters and fisherman love trailing point knives because they are designed exclusively for slicing or skinning.