Master Cutlery

MTech USA MT-629 Axe, 8.75in Overall


Available units:1
Master Cutlery Pantera


Available units:5

Have a fantasy in need of fulfillment? Master Cutlery's collection of fantasy gear, officially licensed movie replicas and swords are just the thing to complete the picture. The hottest action film knives and swords have been reproduced to 100% accuracy, making them perfect for themed photoshoots and decoration. But before you assume that Master Cutlery knives are all for entertainment, check out their officially licensed Top Chef culinary knives, which are worthy to be used in every top chef's kitchen. That is to say, every one of their knives, while fun to look at, can take some punishment, too. Already starry-eyed? You'll love your purchase even more thanks to Knife Depot's awesome 60-day money-back guarantee, which also comes with free return shipping on every order!