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White Deer Pakkawood Paring Knife


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Boker Damast Black Vii Vegetable Knife
Boker Damast Black Vii Vegetable Knife

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Where a chef's knife is too large and bulky, the paring knife fills in the gaps. The word "paring" actually means thin fragment or slice, and that's exactly what a paring knife will deliver. While peeling and chopping small foods, such as shallots, herbs and limes, the paring knife becomes an extension of your finger. Small in size, easy to maneuver and simple to learn to use, a paring knife helps you easily segment oranges, core tomatoes, peel potatoes and more. Knife Depot's wide selection lets you choose from dozens of plastic-handled, beak-tipped, traditional or even ceramic knives. Plus, you'll save on the best brands. Shop for your new paring knife today.