Tactical Knives

KA-BAR MULE, 4" Serrated Blade, Zytel Handle - 3051
KA-BAR MULE, 4" Serrated Blade, Zytel Handle - 3051

$59.99 $72.06

Available units:10
Boker Plus M3 Trench Knife
Boker Plus M3 Trench Knife

$115.99 $128.95

Available units:162
Ka-bar Knives Black Tactical Fixed Blade Knife, Sheath
Luftwaffe Dagger


Available units:3
Survivor Outdoor Fixed Blade


Available units:2
Jungle Tactical Survival Knife


Available units:4

Fixed & Folding Tactical Knife Collection

Tactical knives are sleek, simple and effective which is something you'd want to rely on when the going gets tough. Shop our selection of tactical combat knives below or see our hand picked Best Tactical Knives.

When US Navy SEAL teams are deployed to secret locations on missions with wide ranges of objectives, tactical knives are right by their sides. Tactical knives are designed with more than defense in mind; tactical knives are built for use in any situation. They're perfect for tackling mundane chores around the house like opening packages or cutting thick cord in a rainstorm at night.

Whether you're parachuting into the dark jungle or need a reliable and good-looking tool around the house, a tactical knife is the only way to go. 

Tactical knives are great "insurance" for those unexpected moments in life. You'll probably never be faced with an attacker and forced to defend yourself with a survival knife. However, you probably will need to use one while camping or hunting. With the huge selection of 10,000 survival knives and combat boot knives at Knife Depot, you'll be sure to find a tactical knife that you love.