Breakdown of the Boker Knife Brands

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The symbol of Boker knives is a tree, which is inspired by a giant chestnut tree that stood near the Boeker tool factory in the 17th century. The tree is an apt symbol for Boker because over its more than 150 year existence, the company has branched out and planted roots across the world.

Currently, Boker USA Inc. is in charge of the production of the knives, but you may have seen Boker's name attached to other brands as well. Boker USA Inc. carries five brand names that are designed for specific purposes and manufactured in different parts of the world. An easier way to understand it would be to look at the brands as knife lines under Boker.

Since figuring out the "sub-brands" can be a little confusing, we've broken down the five brands associated with Boker USA Inc.


Boker is a brand of knives–under Boker USA Inc–manufactured in Solingen, Germany. Only knives branded with the tree symbol are manufactured in Solingen because the tree is used as a sign of quality, so any knives that feature the tree or are labeled "Tree Brand" typically falls under Boker. Some of the knives from this brand include the Boker Cox pocket knife, Boker Badger and Boker Trapper.

Boker Arbolito

The Boker Arbolito brand is considered one of the best kept secrets in the world of knives. Boker has a unique history with South America after the Boeker family moved into the Argentinian and Chilean markets in the 19th and 20th centuries. The knives today from Boker Arbolito (which means "little tree" in Spanish) are all manufactured in Argentina and mainly consist of household and work knives. A few knives in this line are the Australian Steak Knife, Stag Hunter and El Trampero.

Boker Plus

Next is Boker Plus, which is a medium-priced line of knives manufactured in Taiwan and China. Generally, Boker Plus is a step below the Boker line and a step above Magnum by Boker. You'll typically find a range of tactical and outdoor knives in this line. Due to the fact that Boker Plus isn't a completely focused on keeping costs low, the knives often feature collaborations with knife makers, so you can try different designs for less money. A couple of Boker Plus knives that embody the brand include Boker Plus Federal (designed by Gustavo Cecchini), Boker Plus SM-10 (designed by Sal Manaro) and Boker Plus Cera-Neck Knife.

Magnum by Boker

The knives in the Magnum by Boker line, like those in the Boker Plus line, are manufactured in Taiwan and China. Magnum by Boker puts an emphasis on value, so knives in this line are typically less expensive than the others. Even though there is an emphasis on keeping costs low, many of the knives are made from quality materials and feature flourishes like Damascus steel. A few of the knives in this line are the Magnum Duke, Magnum by Boker Macro Stubby and Magnum Recurve Flash.

Cinch by Boker

The Cinch line of Boker knives was designed specifically for men and women who live the Western lifestyle, including ranchers, horse wranglers and outdoor enthusiasts. The line was a joint partnership between Boker and Cinch Jeans, a Western clothing brand. According to Boker, the Cinch line was manufactured in Solingen, Germany. These knives tend to be very classic and have an authentic Western feel.

A few knives from this line are the Boker Cinch Stag Stockman, Boker Cinch Fastback Roper and Boker Cinch Gentleman's Lockback.

This line is now discontinued.