By Lynne M.
Schrade 8OT Old Timer Senior Pocket Knife

I got this knife for my grandson who has been wanting one for a while. I decided on this one because of the reviews and my grandson is really happy with it.

By Tom T.
Schrade Imperial IMP15S Stockman, Amber Handle, 3 Blade Pocket Knife

this item is a very utilitarian tool. nice weight, well balanced,nicely crafted. it is put to use everyday. the knife is a dandy bargain for my purposes. arrived as promised.

By Rick A.
Schrade Old Timer 34OTY Middleman Folding Pocket Knife

Have a weakness for yellow OT, & I didn't have this one.. The price was right, & so was the deal. I bought it, & as usual, was very happy with the whole transaction.

By Robert H.
Magnum by Boker Classic Pocket Steel Pocket Knife

It's a good, decent man's pocket knife with the right collection of utility blades. Being Boker I am hoping it lasts a good long time, it seems to be quite sturdy. The main blade has a good edge, holds sharp and sharpens easily. I use my pocket knife a lot and like UTILITY.

By Dean B.
Boker Stockman 3-Blade Pocket Knife with Jigged Black Bone Handle

My family members have carried tree brand knives as long as I can remember. My uncle gave me my first one back in the 1960's. They got really hard to find until the internet came along. I sure am glad I found them again. Seems like all the other big names have gone to China and the quality went downhill right away.

By Stan M.
Schrade Old Timer 34OTY Middleman Folding Pocket Knife

Just like the one my Dad carried everyday.

By Stan M.
Schrade IMP17CON Imperial Congress Folding Pocket Knife

Good solid functional knife.

By Stan M.
Schrade IMP9 Imperial Whittler Cracked Ice Whittler

Just what I was looking for a functional knife. Holds a sharp blade so I don't have to spend time sharping.

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