Self Defense Knives

Demon Tactical Broad Saber Sword


Available units:5
Jungle Tactical Survival Knife


Available units:4

Knives are one of the best tools for self-defense in the world. Tactical knives, folding knives, and fixed blade knives are three of the most common knives that fall into the self-defense category; these knives can greatly improve your odds of survival against an attacker!

If you live in a country or city that prohibits firearms, don’t want to purchase a firearm, or don’t have the means to obtain a concealed carry permit, carrying a knife is the next best tool for self-defense. While violence is always the last answer and never the first, a proper understanding of self-defense knives can go a long way if you decide to make a purchase.

Need help choosing? Check out our guide to picking the best self defense knives. And remember, every self defense knife is backed by our 60-day, money-back guarantee because your knife may be the most important thing you ever buy.