CRKT Onion Throwing Knives, 3-Piece Set, 11.66" Throwers, Sheath - K930RKP
CRKT Onion Throwing Knives, 3-Piece Set, 11.66" Throwers, Sheath - K930RKP
CRKT Onion Throwing Knives, 3-Piece Set, 11.66" Throwers, Sheath - K930RKP

CRKT Onion Throwing Knives, 3-Piece Set, 11.66" Throwers, Sheath - K930RKP

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The CRKT Onion Throwing Knives combine exceptional craftsmanship with innovative design, resulting in a set that stands out from the competition. Each knife is forged from 1050 carbon steel, ensuring strength and durability to handle repeated impacts with your target.

Featuring an equally weighted blade and grip sections, these throwing knives maintain a perfect center of gravity. This allows for smooth circular rotation when airborne, ensuring precise and accurate throws every time. Whether you prefer throwing from the grip or the blade, these knives offer the versatility to suit your style.

With a black powder coating and striking red splash marks, these knives not only look impressive but also serve a practical purpose. If you happen to miss your target during practice, the distinct visual design makes it easier to locate your knives.

The CRKT Onion Throwing Knives come as a convenient 3-piece set, offering great value for money. Each knife measures 11.66 inches in total length, with a blade length of 6.25". The spear point blade, made from 1050 carbon steel, ensures optimum piercing power and accuracy.

For easy and secure transport, this set includes a tough nylon sheath. Attach it to your belt, and you'll always have your throwing knives within reach, whether you're at the range or out in the wild.

Don't settle for subpar throwing knives that lack balance and performance. Elevate your throwing game with the CRKT Onion Throwing Knives. Designed by a renowned expert, these knives are the perfect combination of style, durability, and precision. Order your set today and become a true master of the art of knife throwing.

Brand: Columbia River (CRKT)
Blade Thickness 0.15
Brand CRKT
Designer Ken Onion
Model Onion Throwing Knives
Model Number K930RKP
Blade Color Black
Blade Edge Plain
Blade Length 6.25
Blade Material 1050
Handle Color Black
Handle Material Carbon Steel
Knife Weight 5.1
Knife Type Fixed Blade
Point Spear
Sheath Include Yes
Sheath Included Yes
Sheath Material Nylon
Total Length 11.66

Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT), is a Tualatin, Oregon-based manufacturer of knives, tools, and accessories founded in 1994.

CRKT means Quality. All CRKT knives and tools are built incorporating the most advanced equipment and production systems available, and quality is controlled from beginning to end. Knives are built the way they should be builtļæ½?without compromising quality in any part of their creation. CRKT accessories are crafted to the same standards as the knives, so that each sheath, for example, lives up to the customersļæ½? high expectations.

Sport & Work Knives

CRKT continues to 'think outside the box' by seeking out new and unique designs and mechanisms, just when everyone in the industry thinks they have seen it all. For example, the company is introducing the tiny McGinnis Shrimp, the

Gekkota Pocket and Golf, the ExiTool, Ta-Bar Tool, Norfork Diver and Whitewater, and Klecker NIRKļæ½? all exciting and unusual. At the same time, it continues to broaden itļæ½?s traditional knife models, including for the first time, Classic pocket knives, as well as the Centofante Tribute, Carson M4-02 series, and the Delegate and Vertex lines.

More natural and premium materials.

CRKT is continuing to specify the natural and premium materials that are common in the best custom knives, including more knives

with layered Micarta, G10, stag, jig bone, white bone, ram horn, and hardwoods such as thuya root, cocobolo, ebony, walnut, and burl.

CRKT Limited Lifetime Warranty: This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship. If one of our knives ever breaks or fails because of material or manufacturing defect, weļæ½?ll replace the knife. This warranty runs as long as you own your knife. Coverage ends if you sell or otherwise transfer the knife to someone else, or if your CRKT knife is modified in any way.