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    111 products
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    Automatic knives, often referred to as switchblades, are ready at the press of a button. This speed makes them ideal for emergency situations, especially in military and law enforcement. Browse our entire collection below or shop the best brands like Kershaw, SOG, Benchmade and more.

    When you're in a life or death situation, nothing is more important than having a folding knife open and ready at the push of a button If you're authorized to buy an automatic knife, these quick and easy-opening tools are not only game changers but lifesavers.

    In order to purchase an automatic knife, you must either live in state where we can ship automatic knives OR work in law enforcement or the military. We will verify your government, law enforcement, or military employment status after purchase. Please note that automatic knives are not to be carried concealed and you must check your local laws on their legality in your area.