Five Uses for a Survival Knife

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Survival knives are some of the most rugged blades known to man. These heavy-duty knives have the capability to function in a multitude of ways in outdoor situations.

Origin of the survival knife

The survival knife was invented around the turn of the century by Webster L. Marble, who first introduced the modern concept of the hunting knife. Marble's knives had heavy blades and pommels and were similar to Bowie knives. These early-era survival knives were primarily used by explorers, military personnel and hunters.

During WWII, survival knives were assigned to aircraft crew and other military personnel. The mass production of these knives led to survival knives becoming increasingly popular among the general public. Today, survival knives are owned by the casual outdoorsman as well as the survivalist. Here are a few things survival knives do well.


From skinning dead animals to setting a snare in a trap, a survival knife is an essential tool for any hunter. They can also act as a last defense should you have to fight off a renegade bear or mountain lion.

Wood Cutting

Most survival knives are tough enough to slice through medium size logs and refined enough to splay timber for kindling, making them ideal tools for starting a campfire.

Slicing rope, cords or bandages

If you're setting up a shelter or using rope or cord for another purpose, a survival knife can come in handy. It's also a great piece of equipment for cutting bandages if a fellow camper is injured.

Making Tools

Whether you're attempting to construct a spear, an arrow or any other number of hunting tools, a survival knife is a perfect piece of equipment to help you succeed in your task.

Cutting a path, navigating

Whether your bushwhacking through jungle terrain or simply slicing through your nearby national forest, using a survival knife is a great way to clear a path.

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