Perfect Point Throwing Knives Set, 3 Blue 5.5" Throwers - PP-595-3BL
Perfect Point Throwing Knives Set, 3 Blue 5.5" Throwers - PP-595-3BL
Perfect Point Throwing Knives Set, 3 Blue 5.5" Throwers - PP-595-3BL

Perfect Point Throwing Knives Set, 3 Blue 5.5" Throwers - PP-595-3BL

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These Perfect Point throwing knives are precision-crafted to ensure accuracy and consistent performance. Made from durable stainless steel, the black blade features a striking blue grinding line that adds a touch of style to your throwing routine.

With a length of 5.5" overall, these throwing knives are perfectly balanced for smooth and accurate throws. The stainless steel handle provides a comfortable grip, allowing for optimal control and precision.

Whether you're practicing in your backyard or competing in a professional setting, these throwing knives are designed to stand up to the rigors of repeated use. The stainless steel construction ensures durability while maintaining a lightweight feel, making it easy to handle and throw with confidence.

For convenient and safe transport, this throwing knife set includes a nylon sheath. The sheath securely holds all three throwing knives, allowing you to take them with you wherever you go. Whether you're heading to a competition or simply enjoying some outdoor fun, you can trust the sheath to protect your knives and keep them within reach when you need them.

Brand: Perfect Point
Brand Perfect Point
Model Throwing Knives Set
Model Number PP-595-3BL
Blade Color Blue
Blade Edge Plain
Blade Length 2.25
Blade Material 3Cr13
Handle Color Black
Handle Material Stainless Steel
Knife Weight 4.8
Knife Type Fixed Blade
Point Spear
Sheath Include Yes
Sheath Included Yes
Sheath Material Nylon
Total Length 5.5

When you need a throwing knife, Perfect Point should be your first thought. Perfect Point has earned a reputation for producing a wide range of throwing knives known for their balance, accuracy, and durability. The brand focuses on providing high-quality throwing knives at affordable prices, making them accessible to individuals interested in the sport of knife throwing.

Perfect Point throwing knives come in various designs and sizes, allowing throwers to choose models that match their skill level and preferences. The knives are typically crafted from stainless steel, ensuring resistance against corrosion and longevity. They often feature sharp blades and well-balanced designs, enhancing accuracy and making them suitable for both beginners and experienced throwers.

Perfect Point's commitment to producing reliable and affordable throwing knives has contributed to its popularity among knife throwing enthusiasts. The brand's focus on balance, accuracy, and durability ensures that throwers of all levels can enjoy a satisfying and rewarding experience in the sport of knife throwing.

Customer Reviews

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Exactly what we were going to get!

These knives are great. Perfect weight fits nicely in my hands and my wife's hands. The fingure grooves are great for learning how to hold and throw the knives correctly. Perfect for learning!!! The colors are great! I definitely would purchase again as a gift or even just to get another color so the wife and I both have a set! I think I might do that actually! GREAT BUY!!! Nicely priced and Showed up quickly and was able to track then the whole way. No complaints here at all!!!