Giving the Perfect Engraved Pocket Knife

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Forget dogs—a knife is man's best friend. That's why engraved knives make such useful and memorable gifts for nearly any occasion, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or Father's Days. By personalizing the knife with an engraving, you could amp up the impact and sentimentality of the gift.

Since you want to make sure the recipient of your gift doesn't just leave it in the corner to collect dust, follow these five simple suggestions for picking the perfect personalized knife.

Pick the right engraved knife

The gift begins with the knife, so the model is your foundation. We can't tell you which type of knife to select because that defeats the whole purpose of buying a special gift for someone. We can point you in the right direction, though. If you're getting a knife for a wedding, you should probably avoid a 12-inch survival knife. Perhaps go with something a bit smaller and low-key. For example, a classic Swiss Army knife could come in handy once the wife starts asking your buddy to do household tasks.

Of course, you should base your gift on the preferences of the receiver. It might be traditional to give a folding pocket knife to someone for their birthday, but if your friend is an outdoorsman, a fixed blade may be better suited.

Don't be witty with your engraving

Once you've selected the knife, the second most important aspect is the engraving. Just like the type of knife, an engraving can make or break the gift. A good rule of thumb is to select a phrase that's a bit more general. You might be tempted to write something witty or a favorite current saying, but something like 'WAZZUP!' could lose its novelty and meaning pretty quickly. Again, you should know your audience, but something straightforward that symbolizes your friendship is key.

Keep it personal

Even though you shouldn't write something from 'in the moment,' it doesn't mean you should be completely generic. Initials are the classic engraving text for a knife, but if you would like to be more distinctive, go for it. A nickname or something like 'To my best bud since third grade' adds the perfect personalized touch.

Take your time with the font

Another consideration is the type of font you want. We offer many different fonts, each with its own personality and flair. This is a matter of personal taste, but some fonts to complement certain messages. For example, it probably wouldn't look great to put your buddy's nickname 'Sluggo' in Old English, so really consider how your message will look in each font.

Double-check spelling

Nothing ruins a special gift faster than when the recipient excitedly opens the beautifully wrapped present, loves the knife and reads the inscription: 'Halpy Berthday.' Spelling is vital, so remember to check it two or even three times.

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