Spear Point Blades

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Advantages of the Spear Point
  • Strong point
  • Sharp point (if double edged)
  • Very controllable
Disadvantages of the Spear Point
  • Small cutting edge ("belly") for slicing

Spear Point Blade Images

A spear point blade is similar to the needle-point blade in that is good for piercing. However, its point is stronger and it contains a small "belly" that can be used for slicing.

A spear point is a symmetrically pointed blade with a point that is in line with the center line of the blade's long axis. Both edges of the knife rise and fall equally to create a point that lines up exactly with the equator of the blade. They can be single or double edged, although most forms of the spear point knife come with a double-edged design.

Spear point blades are often used on throwing knives.

In contrast to the needle-point blade which has a very sharp but weak point, a spear point knife has a strong point that is also sharp enough for piercing. However, a spear point blade is only good for piercing if both edges are sharpened. The lowered point is easily controllable and is useful for fine tip work.

Spear point blades contain a small belly which can be used for some cutting and slicing applications, however, the belly is relatively small when compared to drop point and clip point knives.

A spear point knife is a great choice for the knife enthusiast who is looking for a good balance between piercing and slicing ability. It combines the sharp point of a dagger with the strength of a drop point blade, while maintaining some of the "belly" that is used for slicing.

Overall, it is a great hybrid blade design that is extremely functional.