CAS Hanwei Hsu Wood Handle Jian Sword, 34" Blade

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Designed by world-renowned Chinese martial arts master Sifu Adam Hsu, these Chinese straight swords (Jian) are becoming the weapon of choice in the Tai Chi community. Functionality, weight and balance are paramount considerations in Sifu Hsu's designs, while Hanwei's quality and workmanship give the swords a graceful and pleasing appearance. The blades are crafted in high-carbon spring steel and have a pronounced center ridge and distal taper, producing exactly the right degree of stiffness and a very audible hiss in the cutting stroke. The Ming-style steel guards have an embossed Dragon symbol, while the open-ended pommels facilitate the fitting of a tassel. The grips and scabbard are made of exotic wood for the traditionalist. A unique feature is the "duck-bill lock" in the bottom of the scabbard that securely holds the sword in place.


~ High-carbon spring steel

~ Ming-style guard

~ Wood Handle


~ Overall length: 41"

~ Blade length: 34"

~ Handle length: 7"

~ Weight: 1lb 10oz

~ Point of Balance: 4"

~ Width at Guard: 1.03"

~ Width at Tip: .70"

~ Thickness at Guard: .32"

  • Thickness at Tip: .15"
Brand: CAS Hanwei
Catalog Number: 301991
CAS Hanwei
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CAS Hanwei
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