Smith's Sharpener 3 in 1 Sharpener - Carbide, Ceramic, and Diamond

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~ 3 in 1 sharpener

~ Carbide, ceramic, and diamond

~ Grit: Coarse/750/800

~ Material: Carbide, Ceramic, & Diamond

~ Special Features: Pre-Set Sharpening Angles, Triangular Shaped Ceramic Rods Provide Multi-Use Sharpening Capabilities, Hand Guard, Compartment for Rod Storage, Sharpening Groove for Hooks and Pointed Tools, Carbide Blades for Quick Edge Setting

  • Type: Hand Held
Catalog Number: 83090
vendor_description Once you learn to recognize their logo, you'll find Smith's sharpeners everywhere, from the major home improvement stores to construction sites around the world. For 125 years, Smith's has worked to make their sharpeners the industry standard, making their products more effective and easy-to-use with each new generation. You'll love their intuitive design, which makes it easy to simply pick one up and get to work. You can always find assistance with finding the sharpener for you with our amazingly helpful customer service team, who will work with you to craft the perfect personal shopping experience.
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Smith's Sharpener
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